Night Light LED Atmosphere Lamp – Wireless Charger & Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock


  • Multifunctional Design: A combination of a night light, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and alarm clock.
  • Wireless Fast Charging: Integrated Qi-compatible charging pad for easy and quick charging of smartphones and devices.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: High-quality speaker for streaming music or podcasts, easily connectable via Bluetooth.
  • Customizable LED Lighting: Features adjustable light settings, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
  • App Control: Conveniently control lighting and sound settings using a user-friendly smartphone app.
  • Alarm Clock Functionality: Built-in alarm clock to help you wake up on time and manage your daily routine.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: A stylish addition that fits seamlessly with any bedroom décor.
  • Compact Size: Ideal for placing on nightstands or small tables, without taking up much space.
  • Energy Efficient: Utilizes LED technology for low energy consumption and long-lasting performance.

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Enhance your bedroom experience with our multifunctional Night Light LED Atmosphere Lamp! This sleek device combines a wireless fast charger, Bluetooth speaker, and alarm clock, all in one. Perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance while keeping your devices charged and enjoying your favorite tunes.

Product Description: Introducing the Night Light LED Atmosphere Lamp – a versatile and innovative addition to your bedroom. Designed to cater to your convenience and comfort, this lamp is more than just a light source; it’s a multifunctional gadget that simplifies your nighttime routine.

Wireless Charging: Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. Our lamp comes with a fast-charging wireless pad that seamlessly charges your smartphone or any Qi-enabled device. Simply place your device on the pad and wake up to a fully charged phone every morning.

Bluetooth Speaker: Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of your favorite music or podcasts with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Easy to connect and control with your smartphone, it provides clear, crisp sound, perfect for relaxing before sleep or energizing your morning.

Customizable Light Settings: Create the perfect atmosphere for your space with adjustable light modes. Whether you need a soft glow for reading or a warm hue to unwind, this lamp has you covered. Plus, it’s controlled via an app, giving you the power to adjust settings right from your phone.

Alarm Clock Feature: Start your day right with the integrated alarm clock. It’s easy to set up and ensures you’re always on time, whether it’s for work, school, or daily activities.

Sleek Design: The modern and minimalist design of this lamp makes it a stylish addition to any bedroom. Its compact size fits perfectly on nightstands, desks, or dressers, complementing any decor.

Upgrade your bedroom with the Night Light LED Atmosphere Lamp and enjoy the convenience of a lamp, charger, speaker, and alarm clock, all rolled into one sophisticated device!


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Night Light LED Atmosphere Lamp – Wireless Charger & Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock
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