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    Night Light LED Atmosphere Lamp – Wireless Charger & Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock

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    • Multifunctional Design: A combination of a night light, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and alarm clock.
    • Wireless Fast Charging: Integrated Qi-compatible charging pad for easy and quick charging of smartphones and devices.
    • Bluetooth Speaker: High-quality speaker for streaming music or podcasts, easily connectable via Bluetooth.
    • Customizable LED Lighting: Features adjustable light settings, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.
    • App Control: Conveniently control lighting and sound settings using a user-friendly smartphone app.
    • Alarm Clock Functionality: Built-in alarm clock to help you wake up on time and manage your daily routine.
    • Sleek and Modern Design: A stylish addition that fits seamlessly with any bedroom décor.
    • Compact Size: Ideal for placing on nightstands or small tables, without taking up much space.
    • Energy Efficient: Utilizes LED technology for low energy consumption and long-lasting performance.
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    Ryze ProSound Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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    – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
    – Portable Audio
    – High-Quality Sound
    – Budget-Friendly Speaker
    – Durable Design
    – Long Battery Life
    – Indoor and Outdoor Use
    – Music Lover’s Choice
    – Affordable Premium Sound

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